Micron Cartridge Filter

Micron Cartridge Filter

Micron Cartridge Filter

Guru Filter offer a wide assortment of Micron Filter Housings and Cartridges that have mounting brackets comprised of ABS or SS and fittings that are designed to be easy to install and maintain. It is best Micron cartridge filter manufacturer in India.
Guru Filter provides our clients with an extensive selection of Spun Filters. We are one of the largest of micron cartridge filter Suppliers & Exporters in India, filter housings, and filtration systems in India.


Cartridge with Four Layers of structure large capacity for holding contaminant

Longer service time and high removal rates.

100% PP is compatible with a broad range of processing fluids.

It is created by thermal bond, without making use of binding agents and adhesives.

Greatest operating temperature: 60 deg.

The recommended pressure drop to replace: 1.5 kg/cm2

Certified through NSF42 as well as FDA CFR Title 21.

Extra Information

* Item Code: Spun-Filter

* Pay Modal Specific Terms/T (Bank Transfer)

* Delivery Time: Immediate

* Details on Packaging:25 Pieces

Product Details:

Filter Medium Material Carbon Activated

Application/Usage Water Filter

Material Plastic

Length 5 Inch

Diameter 3 Inch

Guru Filter produces and sell the highest quality of Micron Cartridge Filter. These are vital end filters. They are utilized to give the highest clarity and shimmer to water that has been already being treated by a traditional Sand filter. The impurities that are released by sand filters that are not trapped can be separated by these filters. These filters can be used in a variety of industries to ensure high standards of quality of the final products. It can be a great aid for research in hospitals, laboratories, and microbiological research institutes.

The micron filter cartridges are vital filters to provide sparkling clarity and extra shine to the water. Fine suspended impurities, colloidal matter, and so on. that escapes untapped in sand filters, are separated by these filters. These filters are effective in all industries, to achieve the highest standards of quality for the products that are produced.

Air Filter

With manufacturing and engineering facilities across the world, GURU FILTER is a leading provider of parts to the world's leading automakers. The company's engineering expertise is reflected in air filter technology. That is also used by the aftermarket for automobiles in the complete collection of GURU FILTER First Time Fit replacement air filters and top air filter manufacture

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Air Intake Filter

Guru Filter is one of the best Air Intake Filter manufacture & supplier in India. Innovation is the driving force behind performance which is why K&N has been advancing the quality of its filtration products for more than fifty years

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Bag Filter

Guru Filter is one of the highly appreciated Boiler Bag filter Manufacturers in India. Bag Filters control air pollution industry equipment that is used in the steam boiler House Assembly. It's used to regulate levels of sulfur dioxide as well as other pollutants.

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Bag Filter Housing

The Guru Filter is a top Bag Filter manufacturer & exporter in India. Bag filter systems are designed to ensure optimal performance infiltration. The range of products offers filtration solutions for a wide range of fluids for the processing industry.

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Basket Filter

The basket filters and strainers allow the filtering and straining of a variety of fluids and also keep solid parts of any size. Guru Filter is indeed one of the growing Basket Filter & Strainers Manufacturers in India.

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Bucket Filter

Guru Filter is one of the reputed air filter exporter and supplier in India. It is a company that offers the most advanced bucket Filter that is sought after in the market.

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Bucket Strainer

Guru Filter is best bucket strainer supplier & exporter in India. It offering the finest selection of strainer for baskets, strainer for baskets. Basket bucket strainer filters basket strainer, and bucket strainers. That works with speedy and prompt delivery.

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Candle Filter

Candle filters are simple equipment made of clay that is employed to filter drinking water to get rid of the suspended substances, turbidity, and pathogens. You can contact for this item because Guru Filter are top candle filter exporter & supplier in India.  Removal is accomplished through the physical process like mechanical trapping and adsorption on the candles made of ceramic that have pores of micro-scale.

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Carbon Cartridge

Guru Filter is top carbon cartridge Manufacture & supplier in India. Carbon block cartridges were made to ensure the most efficient water filtration for specific VOC and pesticides, chlorine, and sediment removal as low as 5 microns. They are constructed using FDA conforming materials

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Cartridge Filter Housing

Guru Filter is best cartridge filter housing manufacturer & exporter In India. Cartridge filter housing offers an extensive range of flow capacities and capacities for holding contaminants. The dimensions can hold 500 to 1500 cartridges. Cartridge filters are used to polish filters in all kinds of process industries.

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Ceramic Filter

The Speed is a High-quality Ceramic filter. Working rule working of the uncommon Ceramic channel is established on the possibility of micron pores. Guru Filter gives you a reasonable cost because we are a-one ceramic filter exporter in India.

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Coalescing Filter

Guru Filter is notable among the highly trusted coalescing filter Manufacturers in India. Guru Filter offer many solutions to the problems. You face with your filters and two main types of filters.

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Compressed Air Filter

The most important reason to use the compressed air filter is to drop contaminants and improve the quality of air. The way of thinking of a plan for the nature of air, energy effectiveness has created items that convey the best air quality.

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Compressor Filter

Guru Filter is notable among the highly trusted Compressor filter Manufacturers in India. Compressed air filtering plays a crucial function in any compressor installation. A good air compressor filter can shield your system from dust dirt, dust oil, and solid particles.

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Conical Strainer

Conical Strainers have been also known in the field of temporary Strainers. They are Conical Strainers are Filter Strainers can be used for filtering the system. Guru Filter supply Cone temporary strainers that are of all different styles. They are Conical Temporary Strainers utilized for testing by new plants.

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Duplex Filter

Duplex filters are employed in hydraulic systems to remove solids from hydraulic fluids as well as lubricating oils. They are designed for installation in piping. The filter element can be replaced without interruption. The Guru Filter is one of the top Duplex Filter exporter and supplier in India.

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Dust Collector

Guru Filter one of the leading Dust Collector manufacturer in India. Dust control is a must in all industries that process food to protect the workers and machinery from dangerous fine dust. GURU FILTER produces units dust extractors, units dust collectors made of high-quality raw materials.

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Dust Collector Bag

The Guru Filter is a leading of dust collector filter bag Manufacturer in India. Our range of products includes a broad selection of dust collectors for industrial use. Bag and dust bag with cage industrial filter bag dust collector filter bags, (sfi) non-woven dust filter bag, and the dust collector bag air filter.

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Dust Collector Filter Cartridge

Guru Filter leading dust collector filter cartridge manufacturer, exporter and supplier in India. Cartridge gatherers use punctured metal cartridges that have a creased, nonwoven filtering medium rather than felt or woven packs that are utilized in sacks houses.

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Dust Collector System

The dust collector is a device that eliminates particles of contaminants from the air of workshops, production facilities, and industrial complexes. The system cleanses the air by pushing it through a set of airtight filters. After the air has been cleaned then it is released into the air or recirculates once it has met the required emissions requirements.

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Filter Bag

If you are searching for one of the renowned Filter Bag Manufacturers in India. Guru Filter Bags, as the name implies, it is a procedure that involves the use of bags utilized as a filter. These filters are used as a source, in which the gases are utilized to cleanse dust by utilizing the support of bags in a large amount in a bigger area, too.

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Filter Cartridge

Cartridge filters generally work best and when there is a contamination level that is less than 100 parts per million. For more severe contamination the cartridges are employed as polishing filters for final polishing. The Guru Filter leading in Industrial Filters & Filter Housings Manufacturer in India.

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Filter Element

Guru Filter is noteworthy among the topmost Filter element supplier & exporter in India. The operating fluid is pumped by the filtering element and is freed of solid particles as well as other fluids.

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Filter Housing

Guru Filter is Fastest growing Industrial Filters & Filter Housings Manufacturer in India. Guru Filter's product range includes vent filter housings for ss and transparent filter housings filter housing, ss304 Bag filter housing 7x32 industrial filter housings.

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Gas Filter

Regardless of whether the pollutants have been dispensed with from the extraction point by compelling molecule filtration in the gas test. The example there is the danger of better residue getting into the system for measuring. Guru Filter Is the Leading Company for Industrial Gas Filters Manufacturers or supplier in India.

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Glass Fiber Filter

Guru Filter one of the leading name in Fiber Glass Filter Manufacture & exporter in India. Glass filter and pre-filters are used for the analysis of contamination as well as liquid clarification. The collection of suspended solids available with or without binding agents and in a variety of fine particle filtering.

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Hydraulic Oil Filter Cartridge

The Guru Filter is considered one of the most reliable Hydraulic Oil Filters Manufacturers In India. Cartridges for oil filters are made to filter out the contaminants in engine oil and transmission oil. They also serve as hydraulic and lubricating oil or oil.

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Industrial Dust Collector

Guru Filter is considered one of the most dependable Industrial dust collector Manufacturers in India. With a combined experience of over more than two years, Span Filtration Systems (GURU FILTER) is one of the top industrial dust collectors in India.

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Inline Filter

Inline filters are great protection for the components of your sensitive system. They are placed between the pump and sampling valve, these filters capture particles released by degrading the seal of the piston. Without an inline filter, particles could get carried through the tubing of the system to the sample valve, which can cause valve damage, and further contamination of the system.

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Liquid Filter

All the common Liquid filtering options are compatible (see the list below).
To make everyday tasks simpler, Guru Filter even adds a couple of useful filters that it has created and all of them can access at this site. You can also make your filters with the plugins.

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Liquid Filter Bag

Filter Bags are used for various kinds of processes or liquid filtering. They are made of different media, including Polypropylene Nylon, Polyester, and Nomex. Filter bags are used to drop solid particles from liquids when the proportion of solids is large or the liquid is viscous.

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Micron Filter Housing

Guru Filter is one of the most dependable Micron Filter Housing manufactures in India. We provide a comprehensive range of Micron Filter Housing to ensure the happiness of our valued clients. Because of its excellent quality and small form, this Micron Filter Housing is well-known among our loyal clients.

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Natural Gas Filter

Guru Filter is one of the most eminent Gas filter Manufacturers in India. Guru Filters is a well-known producer of natural gas filters. Natural gas is utilized in industry, trade, and service operations, as well as in residences, to generate heat and power, and as a transportation fuel.

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Non-woven Filter Bags

Guru Filters is a well-known Non-woven Filter Bags manufacturer in India. Non-woven Filter Bags are supplied and traded. In the production process, high-quality cloth purchased from market-certified vendors is employed. We provide these bags in a variety of sizes and styles at competitive prices.

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Oil Filter Element

If you are searching for one of the renowned Oil Filter Manufacturers In India. We are a well-known producer of oil filters. Our oil filter is made in accordance with specified industry requirements. To produce our oil filters, we employ high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technologies.

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Oxygen Filter

The enormous demand for oxygen in the present pandemic crisis has sparked a frenzy of activity in the construction of oxygen plants. These plants use dry compressed air as an input and employ an adsorption process with appropriate catalysts to remove all gases other than oxygen.

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Pleated Filter Cartridge

Guru Filters is one of the most well-known pleated filter cartridge manufacturers & supplier in India. We specialize in providing our loyal clients with an outstanding assortment of Pleated Filter Cartridges.

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Pleated Filter Element

Guru Filter is one of the reputed Pleat filter element manufacture & supplies in India. It is also known as stainless steel pleated filter element, is made of pleated stainless steel sintered fiber web and stainless steel weaving wire cloth. Guru Filter with years of experience in the industry, we are focused on providing an exceptional collection of Pleated Filter Element.

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Pp Filter Cartridge

Guru Filter is a major manufacturer, supplier, and dealer of high-quality PP Filter Cartridges in a variety of kinds, sizes, and grade levels, and we customize our products to meet the needs of our customers.

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Pulse Jet Bag Filter

We are the finest Pulse Jet Bag Filter Manufacturers in India. We have a long history and a strong reputation in the market for producing pulse jet bag filters, which are used in air pollution devices. Pulse Jet Bag Filters are entirely integrated into the pulse jet bag and assist in the cleaning of electronics by compressed air surge. 

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Self Cleaning Filter

Self-cleaning filters (Scrapper Mechanism Self-cleaning Filters) manufacture in India. they are commonly used for continuous filtering without the need to change filter consumables or expose the operator.

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Ss Basket Strainer

We are well-known as one of the leading SS Bucket strainers Manufacture in India. We make SS Bucket Strainers from the highest quality raw materials, and these strainers are tailored in a variety of sizes and specifications to meet the needs of our customers.

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Ss Filter Cartridge

Guru Filters is a well-known SS Filter Cartridge manufacturer and exporter that meets the various needs of industrial clients by offering a wide selection at extremely reasonable rates. We are an important SS Filter Cartridge provider for various sorts of filters.

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Ss Filter Housing

Guru Filters is a leading SS Filter housing manufacturer in India, and our product is of high quality. Our Stainless Steel filter housings are utilized where quality is critical. Creating custom-designed items necessitates a high level of skill. At our manufacturing facility, we produce high-quality stainless steel filter housing.

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Stainless Steel Filter

Guru Filter is a Stainless Steel Filter manufacturer and supplier. We ensure full consumer pleasure. We provide Stainless Steel Filters that are intended to meet industry quality requirements.

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Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

Fabric or synthetic fiber media have temperature and chemical compatibility restrictions, which are solved by stainless steel cartridges. This will be extremely resistant to high temperatures and can even sustain high differential pressure. Stainless steel cartridges are available in three different materials: SS 304, SS 316, and SS 316 L.

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Stainless Steel Strainer

Our firm also specialized in offering Stainless Steel Strainers in a variety of sizes. Our team of experts guarantees that each strainer is custom-made to meet the unique requirements of each customer. We provide excellent strainers at competitive costs to our clients.

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Strainer Basket

Guru Filter is one of India's major manufacturers of bucket strainers. Our bucket strainers are commonly employed in the process of straining a wide range of fluids where a large number of particles of varying sizes and thicknesses must be eliminated.

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We manufacture the highest quality Strainers using the highest quality raw materials.

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Vacuum Filter

Filters are employed in dusty settings to protect the vacuum generator and valve from pollution. Filters are placed between the suction cup and the vacuum generator or valve.

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Wire Mesh Filter

Wire Mesh Filters are one of the products that we provide with great care. The filters provided are extensively utilized as filter fittings in a variety of sectors such as chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, scientific research units, and so on.

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