Pure passion for filtering

Who are we

Filtration is a passion of ours. We`ve been in this exciting since 2021, making strides in our knowledge and setting standards for clean air, clean water, and in the interest of our consumers. Being part of the GURU FILTER Group with employees in the world our actions and thoughts are guided by solid values. GURU FILTER is a top filter Manufacturers in India · Dura flow Industries · Smith Filter Corporation · Universal Air Filter Company.

Through our products, we strive to protect our environment and human beings as well as protect natural resources. We assist our clients in optimizing industrial processes, making their processes more effective. What motivates us? Health and comfort, paired with expertise in technology for increased effectiveness in processes for industrial use.
Our clients advantage from application-streamlined filtration arrangements in many business sectors
Our expertise in the industry spans from mining, automotive, and chemical all through to cement. Our core areas of expertise include: Paint industry gas turbines and compressors the food industry and beverages gas phase filtration industry-wide water treatments, removal of dust, and environmental protection.
"Our prosperity depends on the remarkable devotion of our workers throughout the planet. They give it their best each day, working to offer our clients phenomenal help and creative arrangements.”

What is the best thing to do?

We`re dedicated to making sure that water, air, and other processes media contain. What they were designed to be able to provide: better quality of life. As well as sustainable environmental protection, and the comfort of knowing that you have mastered the processes.

  • Clean air(gas filter)
  • Basket strainer
  • Inside the engine compartments and cabins of cars.
  • In compressors and gas turbines.
  • Paint shops are used for automobiles and many other uses
  • In the production of beverages and food
  • Clean rooms, pharmaceutical labs
  • In offices and residential areas.
  • In universities, hospitals as well as schools
  • On cruise ships on concert halls, in museums
  • In many industrial applications
  • Air filter
  • Process-safe liquids
  • Protection against corrosion
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