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    We manufacture and export a wide variety of filtration solutions and provide our services to various reputed companies belonging to different industries like Automobile, Inks and Paints, Dyes and Chemicals, Powder Coating, Textiles, Oil Refinery, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Steel, Oil and Gas exploration and processing, Petrochemicals and others.

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    Based in Vadodara, INDIA, we offer high quality range of industrial filtration solutions and services which comprises of air filters, compressed air filters, industrial liquid filters, dust collector bags, gas related product, compressed air accessories and filters. Apart from filters, we also offer other industrial products like spares for SIMATIC 505, maintenance and utility related products

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    • Air Filters
      There is an increasing need for cleaner environment be it office, plants and homes. We have a wide range of air filters used in HVAC Systems, AHU Systems and for other industrial blower applications where dust and dirt are to be removed.

    • Liquid Filters
      Liquid filters are mainly classified into two types, Bag Filters and Cartridge Filters. Bag Filters are used where large volumes of liquids are to be filtered containing low levels of solids.

      • Bag Filters
        These filters are useful for separation of suspended particles in liquids up to 1 micron. Selection depends on the flow rates, contamination level, operating temperature, operating pressure and type of liquid.

      • Process Filters
        Increasing demand for high level of purity in process fluids call for critical selection of filtration media – Sintered SS, SS woven as well as non woven, Polypropylene - melt blown/ string wound/ pleated, Teflon Membrane, Cellulose, Resin Bonded, Borosilicate Glass fiber etc.

      • Wet Filteration
        We offer ready stitched centrifuge bags, nutsche filter pads, press filter butterfly panels. The filter cloth is selected based on the filtration efficiency and nature of liquid.

      • Strainers
        These are used for filtration of water, chemicals, petrochemicals, edible oil, coolants and other liquids, to remove solid contaminants with minimal pressure drop.

    • Compressed Air/Gas Filters
      Compressed air as a source of energy is increasing day by day due to safety and ease of use. At the same time, it is becoming imperative that the compressed air is clean and oil and odor free.

    • Air Intake Filters
      Air intake filters also called suction filters. These are for Engines, Compressors and Blowers, Gas Turbines etc. We can offer you complete system as well as filter elements.

    • Dust Collector Systems
      Dust collector systems that include bag houses and filter bags made from different non woven felts and woven materials sourced from leading media suppliers.

    • Dust Collector Bags
      Dust collector bags are made as per drawings and samples supplied by the customers. The dust collector bags are stitched using Needle felts

    • Transformer Oil Filters
      Transformer oil filter machine removes solid impurities, dissolved water and gases and improves Break Down Voltage.

    • Filter Elements
      We supply a wide range of filter elements for all industrial applications like hydraulic oil, mineral and synthetic oil, gas, water and other liquids.

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