Transformer Oil Filter

We offer 'Nirmal' transformer oil filters and conditioning machines. These transformer oil filter machine removes solid impurities, dissolved water and gases and improves Break Down Voltage. The range of models include: medium high vacuum, high vacuum and ultra high vacuum. These machines can be skid mounted or trolley/ truck mounted. 

Apart from regular filtration machines, we can also offer solutions for newer applications. These are filtration and regeneration of transformer oil, mineral insulating oils and lubricating oils. This machine will bring the properties of oil close to Virgin Oil or even better, thus saving money and avoiding disposal, which is environmental hazard. 

Apart from complete machine, we also supply maintenance spares required for them. We also have competent factory trained engineers to service and maintain the machines.

A - Mobile Trolley
B - Hivac Machine
C - Mobile-Truck
D - Nirmal Transformer Oil Filtration Machine