Filtration Solutions

We manufacture and export a wide variey of filtration solutions and provide our services to various well known reputed companies belonging to different industries like Automobile, Inks and Paints, Dyes and Chemicals, Powder Coating, Textiles, Oil Refinery, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals and others.

Air Filters

There is an increasing need for cleaner environment be it office, plants and homes. We have a wide range of air filters used in HVAC Systems, AHU Systems and for other industrial blower applications where dust and dirt are to be removed.

We offer a wide range of air filters for this application. They have different names: panel filters, box or flange type, blower filters, pocket filters, mini pleat and deep pleat filters. For corrosion prone places, we offer FRP coated frames for air filters.

A - Deep Pleat Filter
B - Mini Pleat Filter
C - Pocket Filter
D - Pre Filter
E - Panel Filter
F - FRP Coated Air Filter