Liquid Filter

Liquid filters are mainly classified into two types: Bag Filters and Cartridge Filters. Bag Filters are used where large volumes of liquids are to be filtered containing low levels of solids. Filter Bags are made up of a variety of fabrics like polyester, poly propylene, Aramids, PTFE, Nylon, SS in woven and non-woven construction and mixed felts. Cartridge Filters are available in configurations of Spun,Wound and Pleated. Pleated Cartridges give long life as they have very large filtration area. Filtration from 0.5 microns to 100 microns and lengths up to 40” (Even 50” in some configurations) are available. We offer filter housings for bag as well as cartridge filters in PP, CS, SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L and FRVE. Larger filter housings have built in davits for easy opening for change of filter elements,cartridges or bags.