Compressed Air / Gas Filter

Use of compressed air as a source of energy is increasing day by day due to safety and ease of use. At the same time, it is becoming imperative that the compressed air is clean and oil and odor free. We offer a wide range of filters for this application. We have pre-filters Sintered Bronze, Porous Plastic or Ceramic filter element, Fine Filter using boro-silicate fibre glass down to 0.01 micron and less than 0.01 ppm of oil carry over and Activated Carbon filter for odor and vapor removal for less than 0.001 ppm of oil carry over. Our compressed air filters have very low pressure drops hence saving energy for our customers. 

Similar to compressed air filter, we can offer compressed gas filters. With increasing needs of getting cleaner gases for their process, has made us develop a range of gas filters for this application. Starting from simple conical strainers and going on to more sophisticated media like borosilicate fiber glass reduces contaminants of particulates as well oil vapor carry over. The gas filters are made for low pressure drop applications by increasing filtration area by pleating. 

We can offer aluminum housings for small flows and pressures upto 10 bar and for higher flows and higher pressure, we offer filter housings of Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel. The pressure vessels are built to ASME standards and we can offer “U” stamped vessels, also if required.

Some of the applications are:

  • Protection of nozzles
  • Protection of meters for natural gas.
  • Preventing product contamination
  • Back flushing of filters.
  • Instrumentation air